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Safety happens every minute of every day. With bush fires, flash floods and cyclone warnings fresh in our minds, we now more than ever need try even harder to keep the workforce safe. Today technology plays a significant role in keeping people connected, informed and in control. Smarter workplace safety improves communication and leads to faster and better decision making in times of crisis. Take a look at TOKN 360 app suite.

Are you in control ?

Do you have the information to help prevent an incident before it happens? Often a simple alert can help you prevent an accident. With real-time push messaging and company wide broadcast services, you can keep your workforce informed, alerting you to potential risks, while keeping track of the important things.

Off-line capability especially when working through remote locations helps to ensure that information managed effectively.

Get rid of the paper.

Extend your safe system of work with  safety apps that just work: TOKN s digital JHAs, Take 5s, Hazard Reporting, Safety Start, Site Diary, Safe Act Observation, Fatigue Management and more, all from the palm of your hand.

Stored and secured.

Keep the things that matter most safe, with full storage of all critical safety interactions. It’s not helpful if you can’t find it. Have all your safety interactions at your fingertips. No more files and paper trails.

Contact us today if you like to find out how TOKN 360 can keep your workforce connect , informed and in control.

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