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The world of business is continually evolving to utilise new technologies and improve overall business practices. This includes the ever increasing adoption of mobile technology to keep up with a more mobile workforce than ever before. 

Mobile Work Management is the management of field service (or remotely working) workers, through the use of cloud based software tools. These tools are used to schedule, monitor, track, and analyze the progress of your team, all from a single, central location.

Mobile Work Management solutions, such as TOKN’s Work Management Solution, are designed to help companies more effectively manage employees in the field, wherever they are.

So what does mobile workforce management include?

  • Creating and automating schedules and rosters for field service employees.
  • Dispatching field service workers to new jobs.
  • Communicating with field service workers in real time, no matter where they are.
  • Track field service employees to analyse their progress and keeping them safe!
  • Log job start, site diary notes, job completion, and travel time.
  • Connect with a CRM or other system of record to ensure your workers always have the information they need, in the palm of their hand.

But what can mobile work management do for your business? 

Improved Visibility of your Workforce

A mobile workforce brings a unique set of its own challenges, including the inability to have full visibility of what your workers are doing out in the field. Mobile Work Management can help solve this problem by ensuring you always have a touch point with your remote workers. Whether this be in the form of submitted safety forms, timesheets and fatigue assessments, or through the ability to send alerts and messages directly to your workers, or through GPS tracking to ensure your workers are always safe.

Increases Data Security

Keeping your data secure is essential to keep your business protected. TOKN comes with out-of-the-box industry standard security features, that do not compromise the user experience. All users need is a mobile number and TOKN lets you on-board new users with a simple push-code message, with two factor authentication as standard.

Improve Workforce Efficiencies

Having full visibility of your workers means you have the ability to collect field data and use this to analyse correlations and patterns in the field. Real time dashboards make using this data to introduce new practices and efficiencies into the workplace simple and easy to execute!

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