TOKN Technology

Earlier in the year TOKN technology, a Perth based mobile software development company, were lucky enough to have been nominated as finalists in the incite awards representing WA. As Startup of the Year and WA’s Most Transformative Business Solution finalists, Tokn advanced to represent WA at the nation I-Awards in Melbourne.  This has allowed Tokn to gain much needed exposure, increase it’s network and improve it’s messaging. Huge thanks to the Incite Awards for covering Tokn and providing this independent platform and recognition to innovative companies in WA.

It’s no secret companies globally are now more than ever trying
to cut costs and do more with less. Innovative tech company
TOKN Technology is now providing a solution for global
businesses to have a safer more connected workforce that make
better decisions and are more productive through a quick and cost effective digital transformation technology.

Some take ways, and tips to any innovative companies thinking about taking part:

  • Firstly – yes definitely do it. WAITTA and the Incite Awards is very well run and independent. There is no huge financial reward and there is work involved to get your pitch and bushiness plan in shape, but really that’s something you should be doing anyway.
  • Make the most of the opportunity. Go out of your way to try and meet as many people as you can. People come together from a variety of backgrounds and places. They may not be able to be of direct or immediate assistance to you or your project, but you might be able to help them and so your network grows.
  • Let the process help guide your digital marketing strategy. Leverage the exposure in any way you can. Build in the feedback and use the experience to refine your key messaging, key phrases, website perception, social media, etc.
  • Keep a lookout for other events. There are many other events associated with the Incite Awards that you might hear about directly or indirectly just by being apart of these awards. Take note of those and follow them up, they might suit your initiative even better.
  • Take note of the competition, review your competitive advantage of you project, don’t be afraid to learn from others, ask for feedback and be open to pivot where you need to. It’s a unique opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur and as a business.

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