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Incidents on site can cause serious delays in productivity, create unsafe situations and can cause long and laborious investigations, especially when they aren’t reported immediately and correctly to the appropriate Health & Safety Officer. Unfortunately, the nature of the mining industry means that incidents do happen and sometimes it can be hours before the correct paperwork is completed and the correct authorities are notified of the incident, creating an unsafe environment in the mean time.

The TOKN Incident Reporting App is designed to take the paper-heavy process of reporting an incident and moving it to a mobile application. This means that any incident can be reported safely and immediately, no matter how remotely your workforce is working.

Auditable and accountable
With the ability to select the date and time in the Incident Reporting App, your health and safety team knows exactly when the incident happened and at what location. As soon as a report is submitted, the HSE Team is notified and receive a PDF report of the incident so they can take the appropriate actions immediately to ensure the area is made safe and no further incidents can occur as a result.

Detailed incident information
Ensure no details are left out with indepth reporting fields, prompting the worker to include as much information as possible. The best way to prevent further incidents is to know all of the information surrounding the situation so the appropriate controls can be put into place to stop a repeat of the event happening again.

Add attachments
A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes describing something is much easier with a photo. Add attachments to the incident report to ensure the situation is clear and there is no miscommunication between site, the HSE Team and your office.

Incident Reporting App Screenshot

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