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Looking for a way to keep your Sales Executives engaged while they are out in the field?

TOKN has created an integrated suite of CRM mobile applications that allows your team to check and update client information while they are out in the field, keeping them connected, wherever they are.

Customer Enquiry 

Keeping client information up to date and relevant can be tough for busy sales people, especially if they don’t have immediate access to their CRM while out in the field. TOKN has built a solution that will allow your Sales Executives to access and update customer information on the go.

The Customer Enquiry app allows your sales team to search for a customer record using the customer name or code. Once the record is returned, the Sales Executive will have full visibility on the specifics of that customer including contact information, recorded interactions, transactions, sales orders and more.

Do your Sales Executives need to easily call their customers or find their address details? In each customer record, you can access the primary contacts details of the customer, including their address and contact number with built in click-to-call and click-to-navigate options. The app will also give a sales executive the ability to update interaction notes, create future tasks and see any outstanding sales orders, all in the palm of their hand!

Stock Enquiry 

Do you have a large number of customer records in your CRM? Do they all have custom pricing structures? If you answered yes, you are not alone!

As part of our suite of CRM applications we have created a Stock Enquiry App which is integrated to your system to give you the ability to check stock availability, quantity of stock on order, default pricing and most importantly client specific pricing, all in one simple screen. This is a simple bit of genius your sales team will love!


Holding on to loose receipts can be a challenge for even the most organised person. TOKN’s Expense App allows you to enter expenses while you’re on the go, whether they are personal/internal expenses or expenses associated with an open job.

Simply fill in your job number, expense type/activity, work centre, expense amount, capture a photo of your receipt and then hit submit. Once you submit your form, your expense is logged directly into your integrated accounting system, in real-time for final approval.

Never miss a deadline again and stay on top of your expenses with this simple solution!

Our suite of CRM apps have been built with the flexibility to be customised to suit your business requirements. You can check out a demo version of each of these apps on demo code 800000 or enquire with our sales team for more information.

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