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In April 2020 we wrote about how Coronavirus was putting Digital Transformation firmly on the agenda. Here we stand in January 2021 and nothing has changed, and yet everything is different.

Digital transformation is here to stay. The question is, how do we manage it? Digital transformation is not merely the introduction of digital technology, it is the whole transformation of the way we live, interact and work. Yes “We”. Whether we like it or not, we are at the centre of this transformation, not the technology. We can no longer ignore the elephant in the room – the human element is the key to digital transformation.

The WHO have given another name to the Global pandemic – Infodemic – a global movement to promote access to health information and to mitigate harm from health misinformation among online and offline communities. (

We need to recognise that we are now swimming in a Tsunami of data and if we are not careful we may, in our efforts to introduce new digital tools, drown in all of the information instead.

Digital transformation is an opportunity, not only to embrace technology but to transform the way we keep ourselves safe, the way we communicate and the way we work. It’s not merely the addition of another app, real transformation empowers and informs the people involved to act quickly and effectively.

Sure, technology is key to raising the bar of what we can do, but left unchecked could create more work, more information and leave us with even less time to reap the real benefits of any transformation.

So what is important now? Well it’s the same things that we discussed a year ago; keeping people informed and connected, safer contactless transactions and, most importantly, user adoption.

This is far easier said than done and the timeframes for transformation have halved. Introducing wholesale digital technology that will transform your organisation requires a well thought out strategy. That strategy needs to be flexible enough to change when required – approachable enough to bring everyone on the journey, rigid enough to ensure standards that secure the transformation for years to come. And all of this needs to be done at the lowest possible cost.

One approach to realising this holistic transformation is building a culture of experimentation ( This is where an organisation, government or business empowers itself to experiment with new and effective ways of working, communicating and interacting. The experiments are put in place temporarily, they are then tried and tested by the people they impact. They are quick to set up, results quick to analyse and quick to inform the organisation whether the idea is adopted. This ensures people are engaged and considered in the digital transformation as it happens, securing long term, faster digital transformation.

In an increasingly digital world, if you don’t do large-scale experimentation, in the long term—and in many industries the short term—you’re dead,” Mark Okerstrom, the CEO of Expedia Group.

To run successful experimental campaigns in the organisation, you need tools and practices to support the culture you are trying to create. iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service Software) is a game changer for organisations looking to bridge the digital divide and create fast, iterative experiments. With no installation and infrastructure costs, your business can start that journey today at a fraction of the cost. From small to large enterprises, scaling is inbuilt. Take a look at how our product compares and why this is now a must for your business. 

We know our world has changed forever. It’s time your business did too. Get in touch today. Digital transformation is easier than you think, but you need to have the right tools and partners in place to make it happen. TOKN is a local product supported by the best local team.

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