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Pursuing zero – whether that may be zero waste or zero harm – gives workers better access to information, leads to better decision-making, better compliance and therefore a more efficient and connected workplace. 


For over 5,000 active users of TOKN, this pursuit of zero has become the norm. The innovative workforce automation platform, designed in 2016 by Clinton Schroeder and Kevin Venter, has created a way to connect and integrate large amounts of data in an easy-to-use format. Built to help organisations transform using mobile digital technology with more than just the aim of streamlining their daily transactions, TOKN gives mobile workers the ability to keep connected to their HQ in ways conventional large ERP systems never could. 


By restricting the inefficiencies and cost blowouts usually associated with digital transformation, TOKN also improves data capture, removes task duplication and engages the workforce. It’s a neat trick to keep remote workers up-to-date and engaged – and ensure their productivity is higher and safer thanks to the smart device they have on them. TOKN’s real-time data is organised and readily available and processes begin to streamline and improve the way teams work together, in turn maximising time, focus and impact.


Put simply, TOKN is a cloud-based service software which runs on one seamless platform, bundling all the capability required to easily connect systems and quickly build and deploy apps, across multiple devices. There’s no installation, no paperwork and minimal setup required and using the base template, organisations can use the platform specifically to suit their industry. Once installed, these forms extract and save information directly to connected system, removing unnecessary paperwork and allowing for more secure interactions in the field. 


It’s an approach which has found strong uptake in industries with multiple sites, such as the mining and resources sector as well as service industries like aged care. 


Mader Group, a global mining services company, specialises in providing heavy equipment maintenance services in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. 


“With a largely remote workforce, it’s essential that we maintain clear and effective channels of communication to ensure an engaged, collaborative and productive workplace.” said COO of Mader Group, John Greville.


The TOKN framework also helps the Group progress closer towards its goal to operate in a fully electronic and paper-free environment across its workforce. App templates are used to deliver a series of tools and forms designed to improve personnel management processes. 


Four years after adopting TOKN, the Mader Group’s mobile workforce has increased its productivity and compliance through the adoption of a digital framework. 


TOKN isn’t just one app; it delivers seamless enterprise mobility to the entire business. In turn, those who use the TOKN console will provide an endless amount of insight into how they use the information provided to them, how they interact with the data and by having the ability to communicate directly with remote workers, the benefits of keeping in touch no matter where they are located. 

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