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We at TOKN Technology are proud to be recognised as part of the prestigious 2024 CORE Innovation Hot 30, which showcases the most innovative companies shaping the future of the energy and mining sectors in Australia. This esteemed list highlights the trailblazers driving digital transformation and workforce optimisation across diverse industries.

We are honoured to be recognised alongside these industry leaders, and we remain committed to shaping the future of workforce management through constant innovation and collaboration.

  1. 2Censor: Specialising in mineral processing, 2Censor enhances operational efficiency with its Abrasive Wear Monitoring IoT technology, fostering environmental sustainability through proactive maintenance strategies.
  2. Apex ETG: Operating from Western Australia, Apex ETG innovates in surface engineering with their high-powered direct energy deposition system, under the leadership of Daniel Rhind and Sam Coronado.
  3. Brokk Australia: Brokk revolutionises demolition with advanced robotics, improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability in construction and demolition worldwide.
  4. Clean and Recover: Tackling mining waste, Clean & Recover uses their ElectroClear technology to transform Acid Mine Drainage into valuable resources, enhancing environmental restoration in Queensland.
  5. Corescan: Corescan utilises revolutionary hyperspectral mineralogy technology to improve project evaluation and mining productivity, ensuring precise resource characterisation throughout the mining cycle.
  6. CryspIQ: Led by Dan and Vaughan, CryspIQ aims to dominate business intelligence and data management by 2026, offering tailored solutions to modern organisations.
  7. Custom Mining Solutions: Founded by Jake Hartwig, Custom Mining Solutions introduces the Void Monitor, enhancing underground mining safety through real-time monitoring of void conditions.
  8. Datarock: Datarock changes mining data management by automating core imagery processing with machine learning, significantly increasing speed and cost-effectiveness.
  9. Economical Energy: Led by Matthew, Economical Energy drives the clean energy revolution with innovations like EcoHoist and VIPER, focusing on sustainability and strategic partnerships.
  10. Element Engineering: Element Engineering, under Ayrton Sue’s leadership, streamlines IoT device development with Cranio, promoting faster market entry and local manufacturing.
  11. Electric Power Conversions Australia: EPCA, led by Clayton Franklin, pioneers in electrifying mining vehicles, turning diesel trucks into Battery Electric Trucks (BETs) to enhance sustainability.
  12. Exagro: Exagro, with leaders Tom and Michael, automates solar plant maintenance with Transeo, optimising performance while minimising costs and risks.
  13. EXTAG: EXTAG provides smart asset management solutions for the mining, resources, and energy sectors, focusing on human-centred design and innovative technology.
  14. Hermes & Soteria: Hermes and Soteria offer advanced monitoring for mining infrastructures with Overwatch, led by Aaron Tomkins, David Rees, and Gus Elliot, enhancing safety and sustainability.
  15. Imvelo: Driven by Dr Alan Bye and Dr Sharna Glover, Imvelo leverages Automation, Electrification, and Connectivity to transform resource operations and enhance safety.
  16. Jevons Robotics: Jevons Robotics, co-founded by Todd Peate and David Crosbie, introduces battery electric solutions like the ARTEV6000 to improve mining safety and efficiency.
  17. KORE Geosystems: Aaron Maher and Vince Gerrie lead KORE Geosystems in advancing core logging with AI, enhancing productivity and safety in mining operations.
  18. Marteq Energy: Marteq Energy, under Tina Ewen’s leadership, focuses on sustainable energy solutions and Indigenous participation in mining, oil, and gas sectors.
  19. Nova Terra: Nova Terra, led by Anthony Short, addresses environmental and economic challenges in the resources sector, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  20. Pilbara Solar: Founded in 2017, Pilbara Solar integrates large-scale renewable projects with Indigenous empowerment, promoting social sustainability in Western Australia.
  21. Red Dog Renewables: Red Dog Renewables specialises in sustainable transportation in the Pilbara with renewable energy-powered EV rentals, enhancing regional sustainability.
  22. RocketDNA: RocketDNA advances drone services with the DJI Dock, enabling autonomous flights and operations, providing scalable geo-data and AI solutions globally.
  23. Rock-IT: Rock-IT, led by Lara Groves, offers a digital workspace for field operations, enhancing data management and decision-making in geology and exploration.
  24. SCG World: SCG World enhances connectivity with technologies like satellite communication and mixed reality, focusing on efficiency and sustainable business practices.
  25. Smartlox: Smartlox innovates workplace safety with digital solutions that prioritize safety, productivity, and environmental responsibility.
  26. SpaceDraft: Led by Lucy Cooke, SpaceDraft empowers companies in the energy resources sector to improve operations and collaboration through visual storytelling.
  27. Succession Ecology: Succession Ecology employs nature-based solutions to meet challenges in the mining and energy sectors, enhancing environmental preservation and operational outcomes.
  28. Vilota: Vilota leads in tackling positioning and localisation challenges across industries with their Visual Positioning Systems (VPS), promoting precision and safety.
  29. WorkbenchX: Co-founded by Joe Ayrookaran, WorkbenchX drives a circular industrial economy by managing industrial components throughout their life cycles, reducing waste and conserving resources.

And of course TOKN, our own workforce management platform, is revolutionising the way businesses across diverse sectors, including mining, construction, and healthcare, manage their workforce. Our comprehensive digital solutions streamline processes, optimise resource utilisation, facilitate effective safety practices, and enhance communication, empowering organisations to overcome labor shortages and drive operational excellence.

Join us in our mission to create safer workplaces and explore how we can revolutionise your workforce management.

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