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Mija Belamide


Mija Belamide

Marketing Officer

Mija’s passion for art and storytelling brings creative flair to TOKN. Completing her Diploma of Film, Mija uses a variety of mediums- video, imagery and words, to capture the true message.

How do you define success?

To me, success is being content with what you have now and what you have achieved. It is accomplishing a goal you’ve worked hard for but it is also enjoying the process along the way.

What educational experiences have influenced your thinking and career?

Growing up around music and art has influenced me as a creative, always wanting to come up with new ideas that evoke an emotional response from others. My school years and my first job taught me patience, hard work and diligence. Being involved in my highschool band, I learnt the importance of teamwork which has made me more confident in working with others and adaptable.

Tell us about your strongest memories of innovating?

In highschool, I received an arts award for three consecutive years, along with a major award that resulted in my work being displayed in the WA Art Gallery in 2020. For my mixed media piece, I drew from my experiences and observations as a student, to create an installation that addressed the issue of the traditional education system and its negative impacts on students, overall questioning its effectiveness. “21st century kids are being taught by 20th century adults using 19th century curriculum and techniques on an 18th century calendar.” - Tom Hierck, Education Consultant and Author

Whom do you admire or aspire to be like (and why)?

My parents. I want to have the patience of my mother, the wisdom of my father and create art that inspires people to live to their fullest.

What is something that you couldn’t live without?

Other than my family, I'd say music - it is there when you are sad, happy, lonely, frustrated, nostalgic, and it inspires me to create!

What are you best known for at TOKN (even your party trick)?

I help out with marketing and creative tasks such as designing and animating.

What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed in your lifetime?

I’d say the internet, as it has changed the way in which businesses operate, how we interact with loved ones, and how we live. It has made communication easier, faster and simpler.

Two things that you might not guess about me are…

I play the drums and love dancing.

If I had the power to instantly change one thing about the world, it would be...

I’d like people to be more open minded. That way, we would all have a better understanding of each other and the world around us. There would be less conflict because we’d be at peace with our differences and understand that sometimes, nobody is right- just different.

The most enjoyable way to spend my spare time is to…

Write scripts, play music, draw, film, edit, dance and hang out with friends and family.

The part that I find most rewarding/exciting about my job is…

Seeing the team accomplish their goals as well as creating animations and designing brochures! I find it satisfying watching our ideas come to life. I also find the psychology behind marketing interesting and I'm always eager to learn more.