It works, uninterrupted

Quickly implement our enterprise mobility platform and apps for around ⅓ the price of other options.

It works, uninterrupted

For ever-changing digital

Cloud Based Mobile Application
Cloud Based Mobility Software

Cleverly cloud-based

TOKN’s secure cloud native technology means complete peace of mind and no hefty infrastructure upgrades.

The TOKN platform makes mobile applications much easier to develop and maintain.

Lars Kreutz

Senior Manager, Business Solutions, Engineers Office Dubai

Fast, efficient app deployment
Easily Integrated

Easy, fast integration

Supercharge your legacy systems and move to a scalable, intuitive interface. All end users see the platform and apps as custom-made for your company.

Integrates with:

  • SAP
  • IFS
  • MYOB
  • SQL
Upgrade Seemless Integration
Upgrade Applications

Upgrade minus the ordeal

There’s no need to derail your business with months of tech overhauls to get your systems future-proofed.

TOKN provides a highly customisable system which facilitates the movement of information through all branches of business. This removes costly and time-consuming limitations incurred by vast geographical differences, when operating depots across the country

Tony Durey

Sector Innovation Officer, Freo Group

Software Implementation Partners

Partner support

Our partners will quickly implement enterprise mobility platform and apps into your business. Need help? Have a question? TOKN clients enjoy a reliable partner-first approach for technical support solutions.

Perth Technology Paperless Application
Perth Apps


TOKN has international reach, but our head office is located in Perth, Western Australia. Our team is right here to talk about getting your systems to talk to each other.

We want to be really connected to our mobile workforce, to keep them operating safely and make our business more productive. TOKN provides technology that helps us achieve that.

John Greville

Chief Operations Officer, Mader Group – Mining Services

Increasing mobility and capabilities of your business systems



Keep projects on track, with an overview of staff, contractors, materials, logistics and timelines.

Community Care

Community Care

Keep your frontline workers safe with up-to-date patient and appointment information, in the palm of their hand.

Mining & Mining Services

Mining & Mining Services

Look after safety and work permits easily, even for workers in remote areas, with TOKN’s data-transfer upon connection.



Use a third-party barcode scanner or native camera facilities on mobile phones for pick-packing, warehousing, deliveries and more.

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