Technical white paper

Moving your business to a digital world

Technical white paper

Seamless security

TOKN comes with out of the box industry standard security features, that do not compromise the user experience. The TOKN Client includes Bi-factor authentication with push code messaging as standard. TOKN provides a secure container housing all TOKN apps and data. Data in transit is secured via Secure Sockets Layer encryption, using 2048bit RSA keys.

Easy integration

Use TOKN’s supercharged  ‘connectivity engine’ to swiftly manage and configure all your connections, within an easy to use framework. TOKN is compatible with SAP HANA and ECC, and SAP B1. Connect uses the SAP product JAVA Connector to directly integrate will all sap functions. Integrate seamlessly with MYOB and IFS using rest webservices.

Integrates with:

More than just an app

TOKN is One System housing all you companies and instances. TOKN is a multi-tenancy SaaS platform, running in AWS. A complete framework for managing data connections, “Apps”, and devices. In addition TOKN has a comprehensive administration Engine designed for partners and customers alike.

Native mirco services

TOKN includes Push Notification services to send messages between users as standard, Attachments, Digital Signatures, Camera integration, scan integration, Email Services and more….

Half the dev time…. Rapid low-code app creation

Get started with plug and play app templates. We have pre-built the native TOKN client on IOS, Android and Windows 10, so you don’t have to. And it runs on desktop.

Complete App Lifecycle Management

Spin up unlimited environments per customer and manage the complete app lifecycle (DEV/Quality Test/Production) running side by side but logically separated. Easily promote apps from one environment to the other, and maintain control with TOKN app versioning.

Effortless app deployment deployment

Eliminate app provisioning and automate app delivery directly to the right users. Through a simple drag and drop process TOKN automatically delivers apps and app changes directly to specific users.

Zero implementation

TOKN is cloud based, you don’t have to worry about running and managing servers or server licences. Everything runs securely on AWS, with multiple redundancies in different availability zones for all critical resources.


TOKN offers a Cloud Service , built on AWS, and an On-Premise application. Contact us to understand our architecture and how TOKN can best support your business.