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SMS Mining Services

SMS Mining Services

Published by Mija Bleamide

February 28, 2023


SMS Mining Services provides maintenance, refurbishment, rental, sales, contract mining and service support to supply an end-to-end service offering to the surface mining sector. SMS’s core purpose is to work with their clients to deliver project profitability and maximise their return on investment by adapting their systems to suit the specific requirements of each client and mining operation.

“The implementation of the TOKN Platform has resulted in vast efficiency improvements and improved cash flow throughout our workforce by automating some of our paper based processes. We have seen less repetition and errors on timesheets, decreasing the amount of time office staff need to process them. Overall, TOKN and their platform solutions has been a great fit for our business.” Lisa Carey Financial Controller, SMS Mining

SMS have a vision to be the best mining services company respected for adding value to projects around Australia. They do this by providing safe, innovative and quality value-adding services and equipment. SMS Mining’s core purpose is to work collaboratively with our clients, adapting our systems to suit the specific requirements of each mining operation in order to maximise the return on investment. 

SMS Mining Services employs over 400 people, led by an experienced and hands-on leadership team. SMS are approachable and accountable with a culture built on the delivery of excellence in product and service and the fulfilment of projects safely and to a high level.


TOKN and SMS Mining delivered a fully integrated enterprise mobile application for Contractor timesheeting  and approvals. This include the administrative framework with which to manage them. SMS Mining have also adopted the modern approach to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) meaning a mobile workforce uses their own devices, of which there are multiple types, whilst working with intermittent network connectivity.

The TOKN Cloud Enterprise platform was used to provide digital capabilities to quickly deliver apps based on app templates and fully integrate with SMS Mining’s ERP MYOB Greentree and TOKN data sources. This includes the provision of the application management framework for administering and controlling them securely in the field. The TOKN framework and app templates were used to deliver a series of apps across the operation for Contractor time recording and timesheet approvals management.

TOKN is a platform technology, with a focus on being a simple framework that allows minimally trained staff members (with the right permissions) to create digital apps that can pull data out and push data in to various underlying connected corporate systems.


  • Increased staff engagement by delivering company news and updates directly to the individual in remote locations; 
  • Improved timesheet capture with an intuitive mobile app, easy-to-use, no password required; 
  • End-to-end timesheet approval management, including 3rd party approvals, with no extra licensing required; 
  • Increased productivity. SMS Mining estimates a 25% increase in productivity through delivered efficiencies, removal of manual paper-based processes & double entry, and expedited the billing cycle; 
  • Enhanced the digital capability and increased use of mobility within a simple framework. SMS Mining has estimated a 100% increase in usage of mobility; 
  • Low implementation, installation or hardware expenses. Adopting a Cloud based Solution SMS Mining had no installation and application hosting expenses; 
  • Reduced device provisioning by adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, SMS Mining was able to support employees using their own devices, this increased engagement and reduced device provisioning expenses; 
  • SMS Mining estimates a total of 10,000 administration hours saved per year through the implementation of the TOKN Platform.