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Building & Construction – Pindan

Building & Construction – Pindan


Executive Sumary

Pindan, a large construction company, that funds, builds and manages property Australia wide, has been operating for more than 40 years. It’s Asset Management Business has a large mobile workforce, made up of employees and sub-contractors. Some of the mobile workforce operates paper based and do not have access to real time information about the work they are doing. Most work is performed remotely using manual paper processes to capture information, which is then re-keyed into the business systems by the back-office team. This exposes error and inefficiency due to double entry.

Pindan as a leading-edge service provider was working toward a fully electronic and paper free outcome across its internal and external workforce. For some of Pindan’s smaller external service providers the cost of hardware presented a barrier to entry for working real time in the Pindan environment. 

In June 2018, seeking to accelerate efficiencies for the business. The IFS sales team in Perth referred TOKN to Pindan. Pindan engaged TOKN to help fulfil its requirement for device agnostic enhanced digital capability, to better engage its greater mobile workforce as well as to drive greater safety and compliance on the front line, and accelerate efficiencies for the business.

In partnership with IFS, TOKN and PINDAN delivered several fully integrated enterprise applications and their administrative framework with which to manage them. Pindan have also adopted the modern approach to bring-your-own-device meaning that a remote regional mobile work force use their own devices, of which there are multiple types, whilst working with intermittent network connectivity.


The TOKN Enterprise Mobility platform was used to build the digital apps required, integrate with various data sources and manage the applications, data and devices. TOKN is a mobility solution for ERP customers, with the focus on being a simple framework that allows minimally trained staff member (with the right permissions) to create a digital app that can pull data out and push data to various underlying corporate systems.

Digital Apps

The TOKN App builder tool was used to create the apps required. All apps work offline, and on any device type (including Apple, Android and Microsoft for both mobile and desktop deployments). Enabling users to use their own devices. 


The TOKN Connect tool was used to enable the connection to multiple integration points.

Application Management

TOKN App Manager used to provide full application and end user administration capability. The TOKN App Manager manages the deployment of all the apps and app updates to the right users and user groups.

Device Management

TOKN Device Manager was used to securely monitor all communication traffic and provides additional levels of device control.

System Integration

The TOKN systems integration and development team is Perth Based and support all application build and systems integration services with the IFS system.


  • Drive increased productivity and engagement in the business. Pindan estimates a 10% increase in productivity improvement. By removing manual paper-based processes, avoiding manual emails and double entry. Improving of real time visibility of the work to know exactly where the work is an any time. 
  • Drive safety and compliance more broadly for the Pindan mobile workforce. By digitising the Take 5 form Pindan now has a Digital Audit Trail of safety inspections performed and controls implemented. 
  • Enhanced the digital capability and increased use of mobility with simple frameworks. Pindan has estimates a 40% increase in usage of mobility. 
  • Driving wider adoption of the IFS business systems. PINDAN is driving business wide use of the IFS business system. Users who were not heavily transacting previously are now engaged. 
  • Driving awareness of new technologies and building the case for an IFS version upgrade. Through this process PINDAN have strengthened their case for a version upgrade to avail of the new functionality and open architecture.